2. gforgannon:

    I drew some Dota! Death Prophet and Ursa spreading some good times.

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  5. pokescans:

    From initial sketch to finished frame! Animation cel and the various layers beneath it.

  7. sorcerersskull:

    Demon Idol miniature

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  9. populationgo:

    "Cardcaptor Sakura" Sakura Kinomoto Nendoroid 

    Thanks to Good Smile, the Nendoroid that has been teasing us for about a year with her gray prototype finally has a pre-order date!


  11. livvyplaysfinalfantasy:

    Loving all of this Ivalice appreciation making its way into Theatrhythm: Curtain Call.

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  12. awkwardsituationist:

    photos for the laia foundation by pep avila in vedanthanga, a village in the indian state of tamil nadu, where most residents are dalits, or those who are traditionally regarded in the caste system as untouchables. 

    though ‘untouchability’ is barred in india’s constitution, dalits (which translates as broken or crushed) remain an ostracized community in vedanthanga, prevented from owning land and forced to work jobs other castes see as beneath them. 

    the laia foundation, founded after the 2004 tsunami, works with the dalits of vedanthanga, contributing to their social and economic development through educational, health and women’s empowerment projects.

  13. Oh my dear sister. Do not mind me, it does not hurt terribly.

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  15. unexplained-events:

    Back in 2012, Paul Gaylord (go ahead and laugh) contracted the Bubonic Plague from his cat. He was in a coma for 27 days and ended up losing all his fingers and toes. Gaylord’s condition was so bad that the day before he woke up, doctors considered pulling the plug.

    This is both amazing and horrifying.