Hideaki Anno’s Neon Genesis Eddvangelion is truly the best anime ever produced.

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Fossil Theme Deck / LockDown

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Art by: Mitsuhiro Arita (1997)
the rocket cards were so good

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Arbok Through the Years


Shining Raichu - Neo Destiny 2000

Art by Hironobu Yoshida

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Kanto Gym Leaders + Signature Pokémon ~ |

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GIFs Of Metal Slugs Perfect, Intricate Pixel Art

Just look at these. Ah! Mwah! (Kissing noises, copious drooling.) The shading is so perfectly done and the images are so dynamic, appearing to breathe and pulsate in even the smallest parts of the design. And who doesn’t get a thrill from robot crabs, reanimated brain robots, and giant, tamed eel monsters? Metal Slug: you were one of the best, babe.

Source: Imgur user aphatmc and Metal Slug on Wikipedia

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The Felyne accessories you need for your 3DS XL ⊟

In one convenient package, you get a case, cover, front panel sticker, and screen cleaner, all making sure you have no chance of not looking at a Monster Hunter Felyne at any given moment. If you like cats, but didn’t like the Nyan cases, here you go.

The set ships in October from Play-Asia for $30. There’s also a plain Monster Hunter 4G set, I guess.

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